No Class 19th July 2022

Due to the weather conditions, I suggest we cancel the Aikido class tomorrow 19th July 2022.  

The class on Thursday in Ruislip on 21st July 2022 will run as usual.

The next class in the City will be 26th July at our new venue 107 Leadenhall Street. You can find more details of the new venue here

BAB National Course

I will be teaching at the British Aikido Board National Course this year in September at Brunel University. The British Aikido Board is the national governing body for Aikido in this country. The course will be an opportunity to meet people from different Aikido organisations and let this wider family know of the Aikido we teach.

French report for the Memorial Seminar

Here is a report in French of the recent seminar we had for the recent seminar in Italy for the First Memorial Seminar for Doshu Yoshigasaki.

It was good to practise with our French friends last month and it was good to see we have so much in common. More details of the organisation in France can be found here

First Memorial Seminar for Doshu Yoshigasaki

I have just got back from the First Memorial Seminar for Doshu Yoshigasaki. This was the first occasion where Doshu’s four highest grades, all Ninth Dans, taught together at the same seminar. Understandably the seminar was both well attended and well received. Thank you to Shihan Bruno Maule and the Dojo Ronin Ki Aikido Novara for organising an excellent weekend and I look forward to seeing you soon.

Don’t wait

In life, one is either getting better or worse. Unlike with inorganic material which can remain dormant for years without any improvement or degradation.

Aikido can be practiced from cradle to grave. We have students whose ages range from six to over eighty. It is art where one adapts the training to your own physique so no matter what shape or age you are now, you will be able to begin the journey today.

Along with the application in real life which one would expect in a martial art, we also are taught how to unify mind and body. This unification helps greatly with the challenges of daily life and can be used no matter how far you are along the journey.

So don’t wait; start practising Aikido now.