What is Aikido?

Aikido is a modern martial art which teaches how to handle the dangers associated with conflict. At first, when thinking of a conflict, most people worry about a physical attack most probably by a stranger. However, in the real world, attacks can come in many forms, most probably from those close to us, and are more likely be psychological rather than physical.

It is inevitable that we feel fear in a hostile situation. However, in Aikido, we learn how a calm, confident and relaxed response yields the best results in a conflict. We teach our bodies how to handle strong physical attacks, such as punches, restraints or even against a weapon. By practising in this way, we educate our minds  how to deal with aggression.

We emphasise the limitations of trying to win in such a situation. For example, winning an argument against a loved one is unlikely to be beneficial to either party in the long run. Of course losing is not an option either. Surrendering your position is likely to make you liable to further, more abusive attacks.

In Aikido, we neither win nor lose. We practice against an earnest attack  as you might expect in your daily life.  However instead of trying to handle an attack by causing damage or resisting the attacker,  we try to create a situation where any attack becomes futile.  Aikido is not about surviving or coping with an attack but with dealing with it.

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