When we practise

We hope to resume practice from June 2lease let us know through the Contact Us page

We practise at two venues in London in the City, and in Ruislip.

City Dojo

We hope to resume practise here from the 20th July 2021

The club is practising at the  Deli Studios which can be accessed through the Theatre Delicatessen at 2, Finsbury Avenue, London. Head for the Theatre Deli Bar on the corner of Wilson Street and Whitecross place, head through the bar to the door saying ‘Studios’, take the door on the first left and up to the first floor. 

If you need wheelchair/extra assistance, please enter into the lobby and use the main lifts to the 1st floor. Please press the doorbell and we will come and let you in as quickly as possible.

Try  to come a few minutes early, as the Deli Studios might be a little difficult to find at first. The Deli Cafe is next to the Vietnamese Street Eat Restaurant on the corner of the square.

Training Schedule:
Adults Tuesday 6pm-8pm

Mat Fees / Club fees:
£10.00 or £40.00 per month

Ruislip Dojo

We hope to resume practise here from the 24th June 2021

Queensmead Sports Centre, Victoria Rd, Ruislip HA4 0JE

Training Schedule:
Adults:  Thursday 7:30pm-9:30pm
Children: Sunday 5:30pm-7:00pm

Mat Fees / Club fees:
Adults £10.00 a class or £40.00 a month
Children £7.00 a class or £25.00 a month

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