Many resources can be found on our parent organsisation

This includes a number of articles written by Doshu Yoshigasaki over the years.

There are some videos on  this site under the video link The All of Aikido set give a comprehensive link of most of the techniques.

The end of the first video has Sensei demonstrating a curtailed Misogi session. The beginning of the fourth video also has Sensei showing some Teateho. Both are worth a look if you haven’t seen this in detail before.

Heike Howein and Marcus Schien have produced a set of videos going through the syllabus a few years ago. Here is the link

Michael Holm has also gone through the syllabus. Here is a link to his media page. We have the syllabus at the bottom of the page.

Michael Winter has also his video on Youtube of all the Tszukiwaza. If you google ‘michael winter aikido you will find his videos.

Of course, all these videos should really only be used as a guide. Things change over the years. Also the instructor might be emphasising a particular point in their practise for their students which might not be relevant to you.

Doshu Yoshigasaki Sensei has also written a couple of books if you prefer a written reference.All of Aikido that documents most of the techniques we have in our syllabus. Sensei also wrote a book about meditation called Inner Voyage of a Stranger

A list of terms can be found on the Swedish website. Here is the link.