Aikido Updates

We’ve had to move things around this week because of the tube strike. Here are the detials.

  1. Tuesday 29/04/2014 This class in the City will be a ‘free’ class. There will be no instruction but you will will be able to come along and go through techniques together. This will also be a good opportunity to practise your ukemi (rolling). If you don’t pay monthly, can you pay one of the senior students on the day? Jon/Zibi/Oskar/Satosan could you make sure you give the key back after locking up? This class will still cost £10.00 and run from 6pm-8pm
  2. Wednesday 30/04/2014 will be the continuation of the introductory course. If you couldn’t make it last week feel free to turn for this class. The class will cost £8.00 as usual and will run from 6pm – 7:30pm
  3. Thursday 01/05/2014 in Harrow will a normal class. Hopefully the tube will be running normally by then
  4. Saturday 03/05/2014 – Sunday 04/05/2014. There will be a seminar in Salisbury. I understand that there is still a couple of spaces left in the car if you’d like to just come for one day. Could you let me know if you would like to come this this class?
  5. I hope to confirm a venue for the Friday night class on the 13th June with Yoshigasaki Sensei this week. I will keep you posted with developments. I have arranged a minibus for  14-15 June course in Salisbury. If you would like to come to this class let me know.
  6. I will be going to Denmark, along with Radek and Rekha from 19th July-24th July. If you would like to come along as well let me know. Details can be found here
  7. I will be driving to Coventry on 10th May for our monthly visit to see Sensei Burgess. If you would like to come could you let me know.

If you have any questions or suggestions about any of these items let us know.


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