Virtual Aikido

To a visitor to our club there are probably two characteristics to our training which stand out:

  • Our acknowledgement that the technique practised in the Dojo will not be the same as those that would be used in real life.
  • The emphasis on practising by oneself (Hitoriwaza)

With the current restrictions that most of us are experiencing at the moment with social distancing and self-isolation, Hitoriwaza has become the only way to continue practising.

To aid this practise, we will be continuing our classes virtually via video conferencing with Zoom. We will be sticking to our current teaching schedule but will be focusing on Aikido and Kenkodo that can be practised by yourself.

Christmas Break

We’ll be taking a couple of weeks off during Christmas and New Year. The last class this year will be on 17th December in the City and 19th December in Ruislip. The children’s class will run until the 22nd December.

We start again in the 2020 on the second week of Janaury. So the 7th January will be the first n the City and 9th January the first in Ruislip. The children’s class start again on the 12th January.

Congratulations Sensei Cliff

Congratulations to Sensei Roy Cliff who received his Nanadan (7th Dan) Certificate at the Scottish seminar this weekend.

Doshu Yoshigasaki presenting certificate to Sensei Cliff

This was one of the highlights of the weekend which included visitors from the Zagreb club this year.

Visitors from Croatia

Doshu Yoshigasaki has been coming to the Highlands for over thirty years now and, as usual, hasn’t disappointed with this year’s seminar. Everyone had an great weekend, abliet a little tired and are looking forward to next year.