Children’s Aikido Seminar Review

The kids from the children’s class have just returned from a Aikido seminar in Germany. The course not only taught Aikido techniques but also some Aikigames. These are games where the children learnt, through play, ukemi as well as other Aikido concepts such as coordination, calmness and confidence. The camp environment of the seminar ensured the practised continued on and off the mat. Here is a short clip with one of our students.

One of the children has written a review. “The Rugen seminar was fun, exciting and serious at the same time. Me, and my brother and my parents travelled all the way to Germany for this experiece and it was definately worth it. As well as learning fun aikido techniques and ‘Aiki-Games’ I also learnt how to count up to twelve in German and say a few German words. Overall the Aikido at the Seaside seminar in Rugen was awesome. The people, both adults andchildren were extra nice and the food was scrumptious and the genius Dragon theme, and Dragon activities that came with it, kept us all busy. I loved the seminar and hope to go next time.”

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