The Summer Seminar in Croatia

There are very good reasons why the Aikido Summer Seminar in Croatia is probably the best attended course in the whole of our international Aikido calendar.  Yoshigasaki Sensei’s teaching (in English) is, of course, the main attraction and there are three classes a day for everyone for most of the six days and the good mixture of men and women, of all levels, among the hundred or so students regularly attending, makes for a really varied and enjoyable practise.

The dojo is in a very large marquee which can be opened up on three sides to the fresh air and the countryside of the Velebit National Park.  Practise sessions are in the cool of the morning and the evening. So, for the whole afternoon, you can enjoy the mountains, woods and nearby seaside in reliably warm, sunny weather.  

Our local Croatian friends extend their really warm and practical hospitality to all comers, who arrive from a wide variety of countries: Finland, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Austria, Italy, Croatia’s immediate neighbour countries, the U.K. and more.  Accommodation is offered at the nearby campsite and hostel as well as in the hotels and apartments of the local small seaside town of Karlobag. This provides a good range of affordability. Look at the photographs and watch the short video for a reliable impression of the course.  It is a popular and enjoyable course attracting the same students back again year after year. I am already looking forward to my own fifth visit in 2020.

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