Restarting Training

We will be restarting training at our normal times from Thursday. This would mean the first class back in Ruislip will be this Thursday 6th January 7:30-9:30pm. The first class in the City will be next Tuesday 11th January between 6pm-8pm.

The children’s class will also resume on Sunday 9th January at 5:30pm

We will continue to follow the guidance set by the Government as advised by the British Aikido Board along with any safety measures required by the Queensmead Sports Centre and the Deli Studios where we practice.

First International Memorial Seminar For Doshu Yoshigasaki

Doshu Yoshigasaki graded four people to Ninth Dan, three from Italy, and Sensei Burgess. These Ninth Dans are arranging a seminar next year in Italy to commemorate the passing of Yoshigasaki Sensei. The plan at the moment is that the majority of the seminar will be taught by the four Ninth Dans but an opportunity will be given for younger instructors to teach a small portion of the course as well.

The exact venue and other details are still being worked out. Of course, this is all subject to how things are with the pandemic come February.

Dan Grade Presentation

In the New Year, Doshu Yoshigaski promoted me to Godan (Fifth Dan). I was presented with my certificate by Sensei Burgess this Saturday during his monthly seminar in Coventry where we have now resumed training.

Sensei Burgess was also promoted to Kudan (Ninth Dan) in the New Year. I learnt that he got his Shodan the same month and year that I was born. There is an article about Sensei Burgess’s Aikido journey in last month’s Ki Newsletter.

Tube Strike

Unfortunately, due to the tube strike on Tuesday, 3rd August we will have to cancel the lesson in the City Dojo next week.

The Thursday class in Ruislip will go ahead as planned.


The British Aikido Board have released a statement last week confirming that is now legal to start practising Aikido again indoors next week. This can be found here

This would mean the next session in the City will be on Tuesday 29th July at 6pm

The first session in Ruislip should be on Thursday 22nd July at 7:30pm

The children’s class will continue to run every Sunday at 5:30pm as it has for the last month.

If you would let to attend any of these sessions could you use the Contact Us form first so that I can send you some details of the extra measures we will have in place to keep the practise as safe as possible.

Ki News #5 (July Edition)

The latest edition of the Ki News newsletter has just been published. It can be found here. There are some interesting articles and interviews in this edition along with a couple of videos of Sensei that haven’t previously been published.