Ki News #5 (July Edition)

The latest edition of the Ki News newsletter has just been published. It can be found here. There are some interesting articles and interviews in this edition along with a couple of videos of Sensei that haven’t previously been published.

Delayed Opening

With an extension of the restrictions for a few more weeks we will be delaying the adults class reopening until further notice.

The children’s class is allowed to start and will will recommence as planned on Sunday 27th June at 5:30pm


We are hoping to reopen later this month. This would be subject to the British Aikido Board whose guidance we have been following.

The first adults class will be in Queensmead at 7:30pm-9:30pm on the Thursday 24th June

The children’s class will resume in Queensmead on 27th June at 5:30pm-7:30pm

The City club will resume on the Tuesday 20th July at 6:00pm-8:00pm

Of course, we’ll be monitoring the situation closely and these dates might change.

Remembering Doshu

it has been a few months now since since Doshu Yoshigasaki passed away. Here is the link to some of the memories we had together.

Sensei has left a lot of material with us, including a series of essays over the last year. These can be found here ago. However, he is a link to wonderful interview that Sensei gave nearly twenty five years ago. I’d suggest you give it a look as it is a great read.

Practise resuming across country

Although we haven’t started our classes in London yet we are happy to see that practise has started in other venues across the country.

For example, here is a photograph at the Alness Ki Society

Socially Distanced Practise

There are restrictions in place, that include maintaining social distancing and increased hygiene but, from the students and instructors we have spoken too, they are glad to be back training, even if its in a curtailed form for the moment.

We’ll keep assessing the risk here in London and will keep you posted when we will resume training.

Virtual Class Update

With the restrictions related to Covid-19 still in place, we will be continuing our virtual Aikido classes with Zoom.

We are teaching Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday from 6pm-7:30pm with instructors across the British Ki Society. So far, we have covered alls of the weapons katas; we are progressing our way through the grading syllabus and all the Tsuzukiwaza. As we are teaching electronically we have been able to reference video resources directly into the lessons which has allowed us to examine some nuances in the technique which otherwise would have been missed during normal teaching.

If you are interested in participating in the session, or perhaps would like to know try something similar for your club, please let us know through the Contact Us page.

Possibility Velebit Seminar in Croatia to go-ahead

There is a possibility that this year’s Velebit seminar with Doshu in Croatia will go ahead as planned. If you are interested in going please contact the Zagreb Aikido club directly so they can work out whether it was still feasible. Their contact details are

Here is the email from Marijan fully explaining the situation.
Dear aikido friends,
we are happy that the pandemic situation is deteriorating and life seems to be going back to normal.It was a hard time for all of us, for some even harder, but hopefully everyone came through and now the sun is shining again.We are looking forward to going back to normal aikido life as well and seeing all of you in seminars, like we used to.
We spoke to Doshu regarding our upcoming summer seminar in Velebit that was supposed to take place from July 31 to August 5, and he is willing to come and hold it if there are enough participants interested.That is why we would like to conduct a survey to see how many aikido people from our country and region, as well as from other countries in Europe would be interested to come to the seminar.If there are enough participants to cover the costs of the tent, transportation and fee, we would be more than happy to organize it and be with all of you on the tatami again!
Therefore we kindly ask you to let us know if you would be willing to come and participate if your circumstances allow it of course. We also kindly ask you to give as a response as soon a possible so we can start to organize the seminar in time to make it comfortable for everyone.
Please let us know:- if you are willing to come- how sure are you that you will come and stay for the whole seminar and what are the problematic circumstances that would stop you from coming- your accommodation, transport & food needs if you decide to come
We are looking forward to finally being together in real life, not only virtually…And we hope only good days are ahead for all of us…Take care and hope to see you all very soon!
Kind regards,Marijan